About Terry




After suffering a nervous breakdown at his secondary school, St Ernulf's in St. Neots [on one occasion some students put him in a bag and dragged him around the room!]Terry studied at a polytechnic.

Later he and Len and Hazel emigrated to New Zealand in the hope of building a new life for themselves there. For the first time Terry had a home of his own, while Len and Hazel lived nearby.


At a party one day Terry met young nurse Robyn. They were instantly attracted to each other but there was a problem...Robyn was married at the time. However, their love grew and eventually, despite the opposition of both sets of parents, Robyn left her husband and moved in with Terry.

Sadly, Hazel felt that Robyn was only after Terry's money, so she issued him with an ultimatum...her or me. Terry didn't see why he needed to choose between the two most important women in his life. He loved Robyn and they wanted to be together.


Eventually Robyn divorced her husband and married Terry. Len was at the wedding but Hazel wasn't. Later Len and Hazel sold their home and returned to the UK. Terry lost all contact with the parents who had done so much for him. As Terry himself put it,
"Len and Hazel saved my life. If it hadn't have been for them I would have died in that children's home."

Hazel didn't inform Terry when Len died...he was told by the Thalidomide Society. Hazel's whereabouts today are unknown.

Terry and Robyn are still together and still happy in the love they share together. They live in Hamilton, New Zealand where Terry counsels others with disabilities.

In 1997 the UK's Channel 4 filmed Terry and Robyn in New Zealand for a programme called 'Fight For Love.'