On Giant's Shoulders- 1976 book



Marjorie Wallace and Michael Robson

In November 1972 Sunday Times writer Marjorie Wallace was sent to Huntingdon to write the story of Terry Wiles as part of a series of articles designed to highlight the plight of Britain's thalidomide children in a bid to gain compensation for them. Terry was on her list as being one of the five most damaged children in this country.

Meeting Terry

On being met by Leonard Wiles, they drove the few miles to the cottage where Marjorie met the diminutive Terry for the first time. She was moved by the wit and intelligence trapped in its limbless body.

On returning to London she was inspired to write the article which unleashed a wave of support from the public for the Wiles family and their situation.
Letters and cheques came in for them from all over the world.

During the next three years Marjorie was drawn back to the cottage again and again. She talked over her plans for a book with her friend and colleague Michael Robson.

Her book 'On Giant's shoulders' was the inspiration for the BBC2 film of 1979. The book was translated into several languages.

The rest, as they say, is history.